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  2. фризы

    Same score ? what are you talking about joke guy ? axaxax man you made my night loosing 500 gvgs ? i didn't even play this much gvg's tbh i lost 2 gvgs against karasu as mage pack thats all the rest you was getting dick and pm me tmrw for gvg or go fullavoid adios.
  3. фризы

    i tryed to but u blocked me i was ready to gvg u even with this mandingo gear but u spammed admin soft soft lmao u need like 3-4 years of practice and to win us to get the same score and boost ur ego a bit after you win like 500 times then u can boost ur ego a bit, now realise why we still have the same players with us from months/years and u end up with new players every server and the only one that follows are greeks like that guy that scamm sh1ts in an dead online game(trust me if you wont donate for em they wont even reply to you on the next server and we can have a bet on that) , adios .
  4. фризы

    oh well man there's nothing to talk about with 40iq person sorry mate you were cool sometimes as we all was now you regular alb moma's boy who got nothing behind his back since you mention real life aspects. Just pm when gvg that's why we all here for and gl.
  5. фризы

    u almost offended me , go donate and make all support you , but everybody knows what is true and what is not cause i got nothing to hide and i dont care for the new 2018 factors who learned how to build proffesions by watching my clan members videos lmao,about my archer , 2 wins wont give u the ego cause u lost other 500 wake up,just try to move on and stop throwing our name here like attention whore you are nobody for us , ( u was the first to throw albs albs albs even here in this russian forum that nobody knows english to create some drama and again i prooved u wrong , i wouldnt care to dislike your copied music videos and daddy credit card items )
  6. фризы

    @elinfullsoftoh well at least i'm not grown ass scub who leaves with his parents and beg for money to go out sometimes with friends if you have one ) and about aeron hahah idk why you have to mention stuff from that server playing 20years archer and still losing i found it funny don't you ? you even took the facts that i tell you, your 20 years archer experience should be already in a level of a perfection but unfortunately it's not and you re-rolled to mage pack cuz you knew there's no chances even tho you say i don't care we all know how you don't care and you went gvg vs first timers as mage pack and still was able to die 6x7 come on dude stop looking stupid.
  7. фризы

    we are full legit , and when people call us soft its makes my ego go even bigger then it is , about gvg pacha logs 1 day a week(u had the chance to have some fun today vs mandingo cp with +12 items elegia jewels +3 olfs but u spammed soft soft admin and ofc he would listen to a guy who donates even he's parents credit card in l2 and donates for he's new members he get every server just to make some videos and look cool around,but u dont realise it make u look clown more and more but lemme help you on that,u are not team player thats for sure otherwise william wouldnt kick you in first place when we had cfg and u told everybody u left lmao ), u lost gvg at aeron lately, and then u was excepting video drama etc and we didnt give you that its simple,we are not attention whores wake up nobody else is excistent to us except our own clan members,u even said urself u was surprised that we didnt post anything because u all guyz together are a group of haters that learned how to build ur characters setup by watching kevin videos (half of ur videos its the music he puted on it lmao ) and before i even got u on clan u was hopeless dying to brazilians or w/e ,just wake up from the hatred u got and realise that we are not cancers you just hate to much .
  8. фризы

    if what you say makes you feel better let it be) and yday i asked to gvg between us since 0 action in mumble if you remember. Even today i said to pacha lets gvg one day you think i care about you going to finals ? there's was no decent packs man i felt bored and shamed of gvgs that lasts max 2 mins god for bet i already made macros cuz i knew thats gonna be penicCP in finals but your clan member got caught what you want from me ? half of the ppl said he was on adr wake up already and say yes we fucked up our member was on adr and move on dude
  9. фризы

    so much hate in one comment atleast i proved i do not dislike your videos even when they are bad laggy or everything because i just dont care you know ,about ego how was today spamming hv soft soft when u saw us going to finals against you with not even half of your gear ? feelsbadman. about my clan , we are not here to get attention post videos , u won gvg in aeron and u ate dick after it and nobody posted video to create drama or being attention whore like you do all day sorry bro u are just way to much frustrated , go bring ur clannies here to support you because u pay their items lmao
  10. фризы

    cool story bob, discuss ? there's nothing to discuss about we made a deal to use each other basically but you went emo that day so do I cuz of your clan mates that fears me in fuckin events i found it so funny and obsessed but let it be. Btw i like how all of you say "we don't care about anything we log for fun meanwhile spamming 20h a day in chat about how server is bad , flaming admins families this is show how mature are you. but again let it be i care less i said 5 months ago about 2 face people and nothing changed people still are the same. I talked nice with all of you in mumble in game 0 hate so do my clan members your clan members do opposite but let it be. And back to big factor Pepsi aka SyrianGod like i mean idk man this is fullrofl alo blya wake up everyone knows and knew he was on adr his 1st fraps is a proof, people were saying in chat and it was so obvious after 1st match and when admin asked does he ? i said go check rofl and he did that ADMIN RESSKILL was super legit.(idk how much more proof you need to tell others that he's on adr ) Idk man back in a days your pack was something but now everyone is just pure cancer cringe hopeless people with such a biiiiiiiiiig ego who ruined the reputation of your clan. You can call your new recruits the best in the universe i care less but they fuck up your entire clan.
  11. фризы

    these friezes are in no way connected with ping, more like the microstatters at a load of cpu up to 100%
  12. фризы

    my friend tim , i just created account here in forum to show you that nobody of us ever dislike videos, (even if the content its laggy or pretty bad , i never do, u played with us and u know we dont dislike videos , but u was the one to talk nice and talk to me about making a side together in server , and then in the event reported us when we went to final about soft so we got disqualified without reason i dont know what u're raising between ur legs but i think its not from male gender hehexd ) http://prntscr.com/j8fbcb i wont log to reply here anymore so dont even bother u got my mumble and we can discuss it anytime greetings
  13. фризы

    3 diss from albs confirmed gl 2y boddies.
  14. Вчера
  15. Автоточка

    Да, есть проблема в этом патче с заточкой предметов. Ищу пути решения.
  16. Нет чара на акке

    Проблема решена. Тема закрыта.
  17. lol

    Вернул вам славу, будем разбираться как могла исчезнуть слава, если вы обманули, я буду вынужден дать вам блокировку по HWID.

    отписал в пм
  19. lol

  20. lol

    Ник персонажа?

    Ну пока тишина,новых ответов не было...... с такой просадкой фпс только мобов фармить(((
  22. can;t log in in game

    write your login and email in pm
  23. lol

    Славу не вернут?
  24. can;t log in in game

    when I try to delete hwid from the website . I says your type data is incorrect but is exactly the same data
  25. can;t log in in game

    how can it be I log from same computer
  26. can;t log in in game

    this is a hwid lock
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