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    [Бонус] Помощь Кланам

    The name of the clan. PENISCP Nick is a clan leader. Pepsi Contact Clan leader (Skype or Vk) - skype : 00966578257910 Number of passing players (It is advisable to write the nicknames of all participants). +10 people but none of them choose nick name Site or group VKontakte (if any). we have skype group БОНУС ВЫДАН!
  3. since slh have cancel 5 buffs every 14 sec . HK have 4 buffs every insane (AOE CANCEL ) and sps / sorc have only 4 buffs cancel on single target with 14 sec CD i made this topic to see people ideas to make sps / sorc cancel (5 buffs ) with 14 sec CD
  4. hello guys , to make it simple we are messing some players in our cp we have 5 slots (BD,SWS,Domi,(DDs peopple who can play mage or archer ) comment here with your skype name we use mumble to cummunicate english speaking players