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  • День рождения 09.12.1996

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  1. innosense


    У бд,свса есть агр если ты не слышал они по кд агрят Маин асистера не не слышал ? Тратить время на килл овера это бред на таких сервах лучше пусть он будет юслес ибо манны не будет. Честно признаюсь я вообще хз зачем я тебе тут что либо отвечаю ведь такие же дауны как ты 95% сервера с глубокими познаниями в пати сетапах в геймплеях и тд. Если будет желания кинешь пм или на форуме когда гвг на равном шмоте выйдем.
  2. innosense

    Всем КЛАм

  3. innosense


    Same score ? what are you talking about joke guy ? axaxax man you made my night loosing 500 gvgs ? i didn't even play this much gvg's tbh i lost 2 gvgs against karasu as mage pack thats all the rest you was getting dick and pm me tmrw for gvg or go fullavoid adios.
  4. innosense


    oh well man there's nothing to talk about with 40iq person sorry mate you were cool sometimes as we all was now you regular alb moma's boy who got nothing behind his back since you mention real life aspects. Just pm when gvg that's why we all here for and gl.
  5. innosense


    @elinfullsoftoh well at least i'm not grown ass scub who leaves with his parents and beg for money to go out sometimes with friends if you have one ) and about aeron hahah idk why you have to mention stuff from that server playing 20years archer and still losing i found it funny don't you ? you even took the facts that i tell you, your 20 years archer experience should be already in a level of a perfection but unfortunately it's not and you re-rolled to mage pack cuz you knew there's no chances even tho you say i don't care we all know how you don't care and you went gvg vs first timers as mage pack and still was able to die 6x7 come on dude stop looking stupid.
  6. innosense


    if what you say makes you feel better let it be) and yday i asked to gvg between us since 0 action in mumble if you remember. Even today i said to pacha lets gvg one day you think i care about you going to finals ? there's was no decent packs man i felt bored and shamed of gvgs that lasts max 2 mins god for bet i already made macros cuz i knew thats gonna be penicCP in finals but your clan member got caught what you want from me ? half of the ppl said he was on adr wake up already and say yes we fucked up our member was on adr and move on dude
  7. innosense


    cool story bob, discuss ? there's nothing to discuss about we made a deal to use each other basically but you went emo that day so do I cuz of your clan mates that fears me in fuckin events i found it so funny and obsessed but let it be. Btw i like how all of you say "we don't care about anything we log for fun meanwhile spamming 20h a day in chat about how server is bad , flaming admins families this is show how mature are you. but again let it be i care less i said 5 months ago about 2 face people and nothing changed people still are the same. I talked nice with all of you in mumble in game 0 hate so do my clan members your clan members do opposite but let it be. And back to big factor Pepsi aka SyrianGod like i mean idk man this is fullrofl alo blya wake up everyone knows and knew he was on adr his 1st fraps is a proof, people were saying in chat and it was so obvious after 1st match and when admin asked does he ? i said go check rofl and he did that ADMIN RESSKILL was super legit.(idk how much more proof you need to tell others that he's on adr ) Idk man back in a days your pack was something but now everyone is just pure cancer cringe hopeless people with such a biiiiiiiiiig ego who ruined the reputation of your clan. You can call your new recruits the best in the universe i care less but they fuck up your entire clan.
  8. innosense


    3 diss from albs confirmed gl 2y boddies.
  9. innosense

    [Бонус] Помощь Кланам

    Название клана.rushB Ник клан лидера.innosense Контакты Лидера клана (Skype или Vk) - skype: Nonsense-T (from Brooklyn New York) Количество переходящих игроков (Желательно написать ники всех участников).15+ (Будут ещё +|- 4-5 чел) Сайт или группа ВКонтакте (если есть).discord/skype группа
  10. innosense