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  1. no have vorpal shoes in drop list bloody karik,berseker and kariness
  2. where can I find the npj for maried plz
  3. your item disparasse for 30 day need jewel reel and no speek russe
  4. Did you think of adding all the raid boss jewelry in the limited shop? it's an idea like any other. of course it would not be enchanting just put them at lv 0
  5. how is it that a dagger or a tryran removes songs and buffs in event
  6. even if I am in chanel command and other intervenes and do more damage the concern will remain the same seen that it is those which do the most damage which can recover the drops and the item of quest.
  7. with the help of the big clan but as he does not take the other person in party impossible to recover the item of that since the biggest dega are made by the party
  8. the result of this quest randomly gives parts of vorpal armor, and weapons like skull edgge, veniplant and others so even if the drop rate is reduced it will give an additional chance to the small clan to be able to equip their character
  9. when you kill one of the 3 raid bosses it gives an item that you have to recover in clikan above but as it is the ppl who do the most damage and who are in party who are supposed to collect the item, and like most of the time it does not take anybody in party fear of losing the drops it is impossible to recover the item, so it is enough to modify this so that even those who are not in party can recover the item if not it is impossible to finish the quest don't know don'tcare. the rb is called dragon beast drake lord and behemoth leader.thank
  10. the club card plus Does it influence the enchantment of the scroll yogi
  11. I put 2 post in suggestions for a quest and for the knoriks, I am still waiting for a positive or negative answer it would be good to have an answer thank you
  12. would it be possible for you to modify the don't know don't care quest, it is impossible to recover the item of that since you have to be party and the 3 rb are farmed by a single clan which does not take nobody in party, therefore impossible to recover the quest item.thank
  13. Would it be possible to increase the number of knoriks to 3 because only 1 every hour these few and this would allow the small clan to have more exchange of dropping mid weapons. Thank you in advance
  14. would it be possible to have the voting page after clicking to vote in english thank you in advance
  15. would it be possible to have the voting page after clicking to vote in english thank you in advance
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