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Participation in the forum is an important activity, and those who devote themselves to communication on the forum deserve special encouragement.


  • Promotion start: 25 November at 22:00 GMT +1.
  • Promotion end: 3 December at 21:55 GMT +1.
  • The most active forum participants will be awarded with pleasant gifts.
  • Useful messages and relevant topics published by the authors, as well as the absence of warnings by moderators, will be taken into account.
  • We will select the 5 most active participants and reward them!


  • 1st Place: D83CDF81.png 2 000 Gold to the balance in your account.
  • 2nd Place: D83CDF81.png 1 500 Gold to the balance in your account.
  • 3rd Place: D83CDF81.png 1 200 Gold to the balance in your account.
  • 4th Place: D83CDF81.png 1 000 Gold to the balance in your account.
  • 5th Place: D83CDF81.png 800 Gold to the balance in your account.


  1. Posts of the kind "AP", "1", "1d", "123456" and just a typical flood - do not count, the Administration monitors the forum.
  2. Do not break the rules of the forum.

Types of ranks and the number of messages to achieve them

  • Legend of Lineage 2 - 1500 Posts.
  • S84-Grade - 1000 Posts.
  • S80-Grade - 750 Posts.
  • S-Grade - 500 Posts.
  • A-Grade - 250 Posts.
  • B-Grade - 100 Posts.
  • C-Grade - 50 Posts.
  • D-Grade - 25 Posts.
  • No-Grade - 0 Posts.


  • Nicknames of the winners will be published in this thread.
  • All awards will be issued on 4 December after 18:00 GMT +1.
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