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Description of the game world Scarlet x55

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New Fantasy World - Lineage 2 High Five «Scarlet» Craft-PvP x55.
» Grand Opening 21th March 2020 at 16:00 GMT +1! «


Lf you were looking for a quality server High Five, on which you can really have a good time and stay for a long time, then you to us! At us you on advantage estimate service and quality of work of all resources of the project!

Our team is interested in absolutely every player who, of course, does not violate the rules of the project. We are happy to provide our players with a truly high-quality product, accompanying it all with a decent advertising budget, which will bring together great online! And also the advanced system of support of players where everyone can address on any question and receive the answer satisfying it!

We are happy to provide you, the first and unique game world of its kind «Scarlet» Craft-PvP x55.



 Crystal-red.png Server Chronicles: High Five 5.
 Crystal-red.png Platform: Java + PTS (Skills, Ai, Geo Engine).
 Crystal-red.png Server: Craft-PvP - Easy start, without difficult character leveling.

What awaits you in the world of Scarlet x55

 tick.png High and stable online!
 tick.png Strongest clans, const parties and alliances!
 tick.png PvP battles 24/7 and a hot Olympiad!
 tick.png Constant server support by advertising!
 tick.png Long-term work without wipe!
 tick.png Stable operation of all project resources!
 tick.png Quality assurance and protection from third-party software!


 Exploit.png The Opening date 21th March at 16:00 GMT +1.
 Exploit.png The first siege will be on 29 March.
 Exploit.png Start of the Olympiad on 23 March.
 Exploit.png The first issue of Hero on 30 March.


Server Rates

gem.png Exp: х55
gem.png SP: x55
gem.png Adena: x30
gem.png Drop: x15
gem.png Spoil: x15
gem.png Quest Reward: x10
gem.png Quest Items: x10
gem.png Quest Drop: x10
gem.png Epaulettes: x10
gem.png Fame: x2
gem.png Raid Boss: x10

Shop Community Board (Alt+B)

gem.png Since our server is entertaining, the store has all the necessary products for each player, you can find it in Community Board Alt+B.
gem.png Weapons up to S-grade.
gem.png Armor up to S-grade.
gem.png Jewelery up to S-grade.
gem.png All consumables are available in the store.


gem.png For a comfortable game, all players in our world are Free to use the VIP buff.
gem.png Convenient buff, with balanced buffs and save profiles.
gem.png Number of buff slots: 28/14. (8 slots for debuffs).
gem.png Duration of buffs: 1 hours.

Enchanted and attribute

gem.png A balanced chance of enchant allows us to save our world from the redecorated characters.
gem.png The maximum enchant on the weapon is +16, for armor and jewelry +12.
gem.png Safe point +3, for integral armor +4 (T-shirt Olf +3).
gem.png Chance of enchant alternative to +3 chance 100% more chance of enchant 75% and with each point -5%.
gem.png Attribute High Five 120/300.
gem.png Chance to insert an attribute stone 50%.
gem.png Chance to insert an attribute crystal 30%.
gem.png The chance of enchant Olf ~ 50%.


gem.png The main locations of our project are the entire territory of Dragon Valley, Antharas Lair, Seed of Annihilation.
gem.png Kamaloka (Labyrinth) level 85, where you can get rare items and farm currency.
gem.png During the kill in PvP \ PK in PvP Locations - you will receive bonuses: Adena Ox3P8wR.jpg, Silver NmSnPRQ.jpg.
gem.png During the Olympiad, you can also get chests with bonuses can be obtained from Silver before fSGOFWX.jpg Club Card and bLO2fNd.jpg Premium Account.
gem.png Tired of playing? You can just be in the game and get a nice bonus in the form Daily Reward Box 70Pwo6u.jpg Silver and Gold.
gem.png Mobs champions up to 75 lvl

Profession, Nobless and Sub-Class

gem.png Getting a profession is possible through the Master Class in Alt+B with one click for 1 adena.

gem.png Now you do not need to go through a quest for a Nobless, just hit RB and you will have a chance to get a letter from the yaWMaFm.jpg chest.
gem.png Sub class without a quest.
gem.png Each player can take 3 Sub Classes.
gem.png Maximum level of the Sub Class is 85.
gem.png Certification without a quest.


gem.png TW \ Siege on our server is held every week, on Saturday and Sunday. (Before each TW flags are returned to their original castle).
gem.png Automatic reward when capturing a castle (Gold, Unique Cloaks) more.
gem.png On Siege and TW, increased fame points.
gem.png When owning a fort, your clan will receive new passive skills: r99_talisman_pd_up_active.png PvP Attack and Defense Bonus.


gem.png Minimum score for a clan academy to complete an academy is 190.
gem.png Maximum score for a clan academy to complete an academy is 650.
gem.png Number of people in the clan necessary to raise the level of the clan is halved.
gem.png When creating a clan already has 11 level.
gem.png Clan player kick 1 hour.
gem.png Leaving the alliance = 24 hours.
gem.png Kick from the alliance = 24 hours.
gem.png Alliance dissolution = 24 hours.
gem.png Clan player leaves 1 hour.
gem.png Removing clan 10 days.
gem.png New clan transfer bonuses.

Other Information

gem.png Lakfi Lakfi eats from 1kk adena.
gem.png Blacksmiths have a crystallization function.
gem.png Сhance that the monster will be the champion: Blue 3.0%, Red 1.5%.
gem.png Minimum spell level 61, for sending mail.
gem.png Time to resend mail 10 seconds.
gem.png Added cost of sending a letter is 3.5k adena.
gem.png Price of a wedding is 250,000,000 adena.
gem.png Teleport price is 150,000 adena.
gem.png Teleport Time 15 sec
gem.png Premium applies to parties on average.
gem.png Macros bug to reduce cd, disabled.
gem.png Lag soul shot, also disabled.
gem.png Fff-trade tax in the offshore zone 3% (Giran), outside the offshore zone 30%.

With us you will appreciate the service and quality of the server.

Сoncept may change and adjustments may be made.


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Class and Skill Changes

Main-honor.png The classes Sagittarius, Ghost Sentinel, Moonlight Sentinel: increased base characteristics.
Main-honor.png The classes Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master: has been added active skill jkUfmvV.jpg Duelist Servitor (strengthening the servant in PvP, prohibited on olympiad).
Main-honor.png The classes Soul Hound: increased PvP damage of physical skills from a rapier. skill0791.png Lightning Shock reworked, to be a relevant mass skill.
Main-honor.png The classes Dreadnought: reworked skills skill0361.png Shock Blast, increased range, increased stun chance, increased target cancellation chance.

Changes in the characteristics of epic jewelry

Due to the irrelevance of some epic bosses, it was decided to change the characteristics of epic jewelry.

EyrlKub.jpg Improved Ring of CoreIt has the following effects: MP +26, an increase in poison resistance by 26, an increase in poison chance by 26, an increase in hold resistance by 26, an increase in hold chance by 26, and an increase in accuracy by 3. Maximum HP +208. Reduces PvP damage taken by 10%.
mPIKvOX.jpg Improved Ring of CoreIt has the following effects: MP +39, increased healing by 20%, increased vampire rage by 5, increased stun resistance by 20, increased chance to stun the target by 20, increased resistance to an abnormal state by 20, increased chance to cause an abnormal state of a target by 26 Reduces MP consumption by 6%.

Such changes will make jewelry more valuable, which should contribute to the emergence of additional reasons for mass battles between players for such a significant reward.

Basic information

 gem.png Live economy, etc_adena_i00.png Rate Adena х30. All prices are indexed according to our rates.
 gem.png Silver and Gold and other important items during loot are distributed inside the party. Now you don’t need to be afraid to walk around the Bosses with unfamiliar players!
 gem.png All characters appear in the starting location Dion Village.
 gem.png Unique Community Board (Alt + B) - Here you can find absolutely everything.
 gem.png Daily cool promotions and contests, more.
 gem.png In all places where characters appear, there are all the necessary NPCs.
 gem.png Auto learn soul_spirit2.png all skills.
 gem.png Getting a profession is possible through the Master Class in Alt + B with one click for 1 adena.
 gem.png All characters added a small bm_gold_lure_box.png seed capital for development.
 gem.png Endless br_cash_pack_of_soulshot_r_i00.png Soul Shots and skill3594.png arrows.
 gem.png Items with renewal_mineral_r99.pngLife Stone can transfer / sell (optional).
 gem.png Insert possible etc_wind_crystal_i00.png Attribute and renewal_mineral_r99.png Life Stone in PvP items.
 gem.png There are available commands to disable the experience, block buff, failure chat.
 gem.png Slots in skill0332.png inventory increased.
 gem.png Unique Buffer, GM-Shop and Class Master.
 gem.png Available offline trade \ craft \ buff sale.
 gem.png Rewards for voting.
 gem.png Unique bm_2018_sayha_cloak_back_i03.png cloak.
 gem.png A unique system for changing the appearance of armor / character.
 gem.png Craft Chance Masterwork 5% (from fSGOFWX.jpg Club Card to 10%).
 gem.png Hellbound Island is open and has level 11.
 gem.png Unique Auto CP service.
 gem.png Regular automatic Tournaments / Events with rewards.
 gem.png Mana Potion high_stone_i01.png recovers 1200 MP with a cd 10 seconds.
 gem.png High-quality support for players, more.

 tick.png Total not to list, to see everything with your own eyes, just go into the game and plunge into the fairy-tale world of our project. (And these are not just words, in the game you will find many little things that will simplify your game).



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gem.png Duration of the Olympiad: from 16:00 to 22:00 GMT +1.
gem.png Olympiad, your equipment is knocked down, +8 weapons and +6 armor / jewelry. (Olf +10)
gem.png To start the Olympiad in non-class battles, you need 2 players.
gem.png To start the Olympiad in class battles, you need 8 players.
gem.png To start the Olympiad in group battles, 12 people are needed.
gem.png Installed protection from abuse points from one HWID.
gem.png Teleportation time 60 seconds.
gem.png The maximum number of fights that can be held is 300.
gem.png The limit outside class battles is 250.
gem.png The class battle limit is 40.
gem.png The limit of team fights is 10.
gem.png Starting points - 20.
gem.png Weekly points accrual - 10.
gem.png Issuance of hero every Monday.
gem.png Now the characters who participate in the Great Olympiad will automatically receive bonuses.
gem.png For victory, the player receives: 5mYpQ6z.jpg Olympiad Winner Box and http://www.linedia.ru/w/images/5/53/Fame.jpg Glory Points 100 points.
gem.png For defeat, the player receives: 5mYpQ6z.jpg Olympiad Loser Box and http://www.linedia.ru/w/images/5/53/Fame.jpg Glory Points 50 points.
gem.png During the Olympiad in addition to Fame and CRP, you can also get chests with bonuses EULsXzr.jpg of them can be obtained from Silver NmSnPRQ.jpg until temporaryfSGOFWX.jpg  Club Card and bLO2fNd.jpg Premium Account. (Also daily from 19:00 to 21:00 for fights at the Olympiad you can get Wd5SUha.jpg Gold).


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gem.png You can enter the time zones with the help of guides located in the Hunters Village.
gem.png Zaken: Entrance from 9+ ppl, reset zone Mon, Wed, Fri zone at 06:30 GMT +3.
gem.png Frintezza: Entrance from 9+ ppl, reset zone Wed, Sat at 06:30 GMT +3.
gem.png Freya: Entrance from 9+ ppl, reset zone Wed, Sat at 06:30 GMT +3.
gem.png Kamaloka: Entrance from 2+ ppl, reset zone daily at 06:30 GMT +3.





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gem.png You can get gift chests from Bosses in Antharas Lair http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/539/l4f7nU.jpg (They contain useful consumables for boosting a character), you just need to hit once RB.
gem.png All epics RB from the start will be dead.
gem.png All Epic Bosses and their guards have Level 85.
gem.png All epic bosses are tied to evening respawn.

Boss Revival Time




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Players are randomly divided into 2 teams - red and blue.
The team that killed the most opponents wins.
Daily event is held automatically.
Event start time: 01: 00; 03.00; 07.00; 09.00; 11.00; 13.00; 15.00; 17.00; 19.00; 21.00; 23.00 (GMT + 3).
Registration Time: 3 Minutes.
Event Duration: 5 Minutes.

Last Hero

The goal is to kill as many opponents as possible and stay alive!
For every enemy killed you get a reward.
Daily event is held automatically.
Event launch time: 22:00 (GMT +3).
Registration Time: 3 Minutes.
Event Duration: 5 Minutes.


Players are randomly divided into 2 teams - red and blue.
The goal is to capture the flag of rivals and bring it to your base.
The award is received by the players of the winning team.
Daily event is held automatically.
Event start time: 23:30 (GMT +3).
Registration Time: 3 Minutes.
Event Duration: 5 Minutes.

Event Box

Kill as many opponents as possible and open as many chests as possible.
For each successful opening of the chest, you get a reward.
Daily event is held automatically.
Event start time: 23:30 (GMT +3).
Registration Time: 3 Minutes.
Event Duration: 5 Minutes.

Fight Club

This event is launched by players at any time convenient for you.
You can bet on your victory, after which the enemy can challenge you to battle.
If you win, you double the amount you bet on your victory.
You can also see which players have already made bets and fight them.


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Parameter Limit

gem.png Max HP: 
gem.png Max MP: 
gem.png Max CP:
gem.png Limit P. Atk: 
gem.png Limit M. Atk: 
gem.png Limit P. Def: 
gem.png Limit M. Def: 
gem.png Limit Critcal Damage: 
gem.png Limit Accurate: 
gem.png Limit Speed P. Atk: 1500
gem.png Limit Speed M. Atk: 1999
gem.png Limit Speed Move: 250
gem.png Limit Speed Mount: 450
gem.png Limit Evasion: 250
gem.png Limit P. Crit: 500
gem.png Limit M. Crit: 20
gem.png Limit Fame: 1000000

Chance Augment

gem.png NG LS, Active skill chance 15%
gem.png NG LS, Passive Skill Chance 0%
gem.png MID LS, Active skill chance 30%
gem.png MID LS, Passive Skill Chance 40%
gem.png High LS, Active skill chance 45%
gem.png High LS, Passive Skill Chance 70%
gem.png Top LS, Active skill chance 60%
gem.png Top LS, Passive Skill Chance 100%
gem.png Chance basic stat 3%


gem.png An option that allows you to give rights to take things from CWH not only to CL .clan
gem.png Reset time 5 minutes .km-all-to-me
gem.png Buff sale is available on .buff_store 
gem.png More teams in Alt + B


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