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[Completed] Top Beta Test Players


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Dear players!
The launch of the OBT Cherry x50 game world on 23 January at 16:00 GMT +1.
To make the testing of the new Cherry x50 server even more fun and interesting, we are announcing an attractive contest called "Top Beta Test Players".


Hero-clip.png The beginning of the Contest: January 23 at 16:00 GMT +1.
Hero-clip.png End of the Contest: January 28 at 21:00 GMT +1.
Hero-clip.png The Olympiad will be available from 16:00 to 22:00 GMT +1.

Terms & Conditions

Crystal-red.png In the list of top 5 players, there should be representatives of different professions (for example, if paladins take 1st and 3rd places, then another player gets 3rd place).
Crystal-red.png Winners are selected by points (PTS).
Crystal-red.png One player - one prize.
Crystal-red.png Only 10 prizes.
Crystal-red.png The list of winners will be published after the completion of the OBT.
Crystal-red.png The reward will be credited within 24 hours after the server opens.

Top 10 PTS players will be rewarded with pleasant gifts for opening a server.

Main-honor.png 1 Place - 1000 Gold on the balance in the Personal Account.
Main-honor.png 2 Place - 900 Gold on the balance in the Personal Account.
Main-honor.png 3 Place - 800 Gold on the balance in the Personal Account.
Main-honor.png 4th Place - 700 Gold on the balance in the Personal Account.
Main-honor.png 5th Place - 600 Gold on the balance in the Personal Account.
Main-honor.png 6-10 Places - 500 Gold on the balance in the Personal Account.

Found a bug?

Crystal-red.png Depending on its criticality, get up to 10000 Gold to the balance in your Personal Account!

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