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[Completed] PvP Tournament 1 vs 1

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Date of the PvP Tournament: 12 August at 17:00 GMT +1.


  • To use: Etc_reagent_blue_i00_0.jpg Mana Potion.
  • To use: Buff Alt+B.
  • To use: Etc_talisman_i00_0.jpg Talismans and Etc_mineral_unique_i03_0.jpg Life Stone.


  • Using Pet_controler_i01_0.jpg pets (excluding summons).
  • Using etc_cp_potion_i01.pngp1OAM9A.jpgetc_reagent_white_i00.pngetc_potion_gold_i00.png potion CP/HP/GHP/QHP.
  • Using 0lzjEdT.jpg Harmonies.
  • Using Epic Jewelry and HF RB Weapons.
  • Using Skill1374_0.jpg Hero spells and Weapon_the_sword_of_hero_i00_0.jpg Hero weapons.
  • Using MW and PvP Items.
  • Using any transforms (exception: class transforms).
  • Intentional interference in the tournament, insulting players and persons representing the Server Administration.

For any violation from the above list, the player will be disqualified without amnesty.
Also, depending on the severity of the violation, the Administration reserves the right to block the player without explanation and without amnesty.


  • 1st place: D83CDF81.png 120 Euro to the balance in the Personal Account.
  • 2nd place: D83CDF81.png 75 Euro to the balance in the Personal Account.
  • 3rd place: D83CDF81.png 45 Euro to the balance in the Personal Account.
  • 4th place: D83CDF81.png 35 Euro to the balance in the Personal Account.
  • 5th place: D83CDF81.png 25 Euro to the balance in the Personal Account.


  • Tournament format 1 vs 1.
  • On 12 August at 17:00 GMT +1, the tournament will be announced on the Aurora x25 server.
  • An announcement will be announced in the game with the nicknames of players who will fight 1 vs 1 (no additional preparation time is provided).
  • Players will be dressed in A equipment (weapons +8, armor +6, Jewlery +6).
  • Any other items from the store are prohibited except for the usual A grade equipment.
  • The results of the battle are announced in the game (the variant of battles Best of 1, Best of 3, Best of 5 is possible).
  • Break between fights 2 minutes.
  • The fight begins and ends strictly at the command of the Referee.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to continue the fight after the Judge's signal about the end of the round / match.
  • At the time of the call to the battle arena, your inventory should not contain prohibited items.
  • A player convicted of cheating will be disqualified, all previously issued awards will be withdrawn.
  • All questions and suggestions for conducting can be left in this thread, or write in the PM!

The minimum number of participants is 20 players.
In case of a shortage of the number of players, the tournament will be postponed to another date, or the prize fund will be reduced.

Application form

  • To take part in the tournament, you must write the following information in this topic:
  1. Character nickname
  2. Contacts for communication (Discord, facebook or skype)
  3. Character profession
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