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Grand Opening of the Game World Aurora x300

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Dear players!
We are pleased to inform you about the opening of a new High Five x300 server.

We will show you the world of Lineage 2 High Five as you have never seen it!
Expected online server Aurora x300, more than 1500 players from all over the world!

Key dates

  • Grand Opening will take place on 31 May at 18:00 GMT +1.
  • Launch of the Open Beta Testing - 25 May at 18:00 GMT +1.
  • Server in the OBT stage will last until - 30 May at 21:59 GMT +1.

About Us

  • We have allocated an advertising budget that will attract more than 1,500 real players.
  • We work without wipes. Any intervention in the gameplay - contrary to the policy of our team.
  • The server will work until such time as 100% of the players insist on rediscovery.
  • We brought the gaming platform to a state in which it can function without annoying restarts.
  • From players to players. We are often asked why we decided to take up exactly the gaming theme. The answer is obvious. In the past, we ourselves spent quite a lot of time studying the game worlds, which is why we have a clear understanding of what the player wants to see and how the server should be presented, so that he would satisfy the requests of the overwhelming majority of players.
  • We are not limited to one server. In our most foreseeable plans, the development of a whole gaming complex that more than meets the needs of literally any fan of online games. It is worth noting that this does not affect how much technical support and maintenance for the Lineage 2 server as a whole.

Our advantages

  • Self-developed gaming platform without analogues and competition.
  • A unique game world thought out to the smallest detail throughout the year.
  • Large advertising campaigns on all popular advertising sites, and not only.
  • An experienced and responsive project team will always solve any problems.
  • Long-term work of the project due to permanent funding.
  • The complete absence of underground sales of game values.
  • Own equipment in the largest data center in Germany.
  • Internet channel with a sufficiently large bandwidth.

What awaits you in the world Aurora x300

  • High online, players from different countries!
  • The strongest clans, const party and alliances!
  • PvP battles 24/7 and hot olympiad!
  • Ongoing server support with ads!
  • Stable operation of all project resources!
  • High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
  • Daily streams from popular Personalities!
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